Lucy Holding Videography & Photography Privacy Policy

The purpose of my privacy policy to clarify how I collect, share and retain any of your personal data.


          *What information is collected by Lucy Holding Videography & Photography?*

  • Names of clients, contact numbers, email address, address the final images/footage will be sent to & details of the clients wedding day.

  • Images/footage of the wedding day.

  •  In the unlikely event that a refund has been given due to cancellation, bank details are deleted as soon as possible once the refund has been given.

    *Does Lucy Holding Videography & Photography share data with 3rd parties?*

  •  Images may be shared with other suppliers for their own self promotion. For example, an image of wedding flowers may be shared with the florist.

  •  On the odd occasion an image or piece of footage may need to be sourced out to an external editor.

  • Images may also be shared for marketing purposes on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram.

  • Personal information, such as your name, address etc are never shared.

    *Why does Lucy Holding Videography & Photography retain any personal data?*

  • The contact data is kept so the client can be contacted once the photos/dvd are ready to post.

  •  Marketing emails are not sent out, however your email address may be kept on record to contact you in the future to ask for testimonials for social media or any competition that might be entered.

  •  If the client has agreed for their images/footage to be used for marketing purposes, they will be stored on an external hard drive until Lucy Holding Videography & Photography has finished using them and will then be permanently deleted.

  •  If a client does not want images/footage to be shared for self promotion, the images/footage are stored on an external hard drive for 6 months and then permanently deleted. (Please ensure you back up your own images/footage).

  •  If images/footage are used on social media, Lucy Holding Videography & Photography will not tag you but you are welcome to tag yourselves and share with family and friends.